Sunday, June 03, 2007

Todai + $ $

Where? The Beverley Center
Who? Kung Fu people

I wanted to like this place. But I'm sorry to report that I have to agree with the CASA folk on this one. The sushi is mediocre at best. Sashimi is non-existent except for the discards of making the mediocre sushi. Short ribs are mainly ribs and fat and are too salty and messy. Everything else is just barely OK. However, there are two things I do like about this place: 1) the hordes of shelled creatures - I could pick at them for hours, and 2) the crepe bar. However, the crab legs and pastry goodness were not sufficient to justify the $35 you'll end up paying. Perhaps if it was $15. Thumbs down.

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Edward said...

Yo that was some expensive stuff! I kept fillin up on food, but I still dun think I ate $35 worth of sushi. The tempura was rockin though, unlike the snow crab legs u had. Come on! easy to eat tempura vs hours of diggin on crab legs? Diminishing returns, man