Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CeFiore + + + $ $

Where? Little Tokyo Plaza
Who? Sushu, Michellios, Andrew, Howie

Expensive frozen yoghurt seems to be the craze nowadays. I have to say that I do enjoy eating the sweet, delectable, creamy goodness here, but I absolutely refuse to pay $5 for something worth $0.50. The fact that CeFiore is associated with Todai explains a lot. My new business plan is to create a homemade yoghurt stand that will undercut CeFiore and Pinkberry by 50%. Oh right, wait, this is a food review blog. The place is very pretty - absolutely new, clean, bright, lots of glass and even has tv menus... and Vivien and Krystal work there too! Park in the plaza - where I just found out that they validate! Pay $5 up front and actually get it back when you leave.

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