Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monsieur Marcel + + + + $

Who? Andrew, Satsuki
Where? Farmer's Market @ The Grove

This is a fun little wine and cheese bar where you can kick back, enjoy good conversation, and people watch all at the same time. The wine selections by the bottle are vast, but unchartable for my feeble brain, and probably too much for two if one is driving. The selection by the glass is good and compliments the nice array of cheeses offered. I had a sweet Riesling dessert-type wine which worked well with the Gruyère Comté and the Brie. These great cheeses are served up on a wooden board with crackers, figs, walnuts, olives, sliced apples and pears. In short, I almost felt like a cultured snob, but not quite. This "snack" plate was very filling and it took quite some time before I was hungry for dinner.

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