Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ulysses Voyage * * * */ + + + + $$

Who? Themos, Alexandra
Where? The Grove
How much? $30
Zagat: * * *, $26

Anything that's located at the Grove gets an extra star just because of location. On top of that, Ulysses Voyage has great greek food - not the half-mexican half-persian mimics that fly around. We paid $30 each because we got on top of our entrees a salad, an appetizer, and an extra entree for sharing. I've never seen a girl eating so much actually (she also said that her stomach for the first time was popping out of her belly:-)

Who? Andrew, Satsuki
How much? $45 total

Split 3 appetizers with 2 glasses of wine - very satisfying. Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) are excellent. Meatballs aren't the same homestyle that Dora makes but are delicious with their thin crispy shell and smothered in onions. Eggplant dip is likewise tasty. I am a fan of simple, fresh, light, clean cuisine. Agree with the extra star for the Grove. Great atmosphere - cozy, tavern-like, +energetic staff. Thumbs up.

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