Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mel's Drive In (Diner) * * * * / + + + $

Who? Howie, Fesh, Irka, Andrew
Where? Hollywood and Highland

Very cool diner atmosphere, best I've seen. Service was slow - we sat at our table for a full 15 minutes before someone took our order. Strawberry youghurt shake was sweet, thick and tasty. Mushroom burger was decent but did not really stand out. Air conditioner blows cold in some places. I will have to return to try more of the diner fare. Parking is valet (leave $3).

Who? Themos. Dimitri
Where? Hollywood
How much? $15
Zagat: 15, $16

I am very excited for this place! Very cheap, no lines to wait, fast service, and one of the most juicy burgers I have tried in LA. It is very close to Hollywood and Highland which makes it convenient for a quick bite before or after another main attraction. The cheese fries were also amazing (or I was really hungry).

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