Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ye Olde King's Head * * * * * / + + + + $$

Who? Andrew and Themo
Where? Santa Monica
How much? $25
Zagat: * * *, $22

Themo's Take: This place what better than I expected. It has true British cuisine, very weird stuff but good nevertheless. The environment is very european also, and lots of british go there too as it is a trusted place. On top of that it is located next to the Santa Monica promenade, and the price you pay (~$25) is worth for what you get.

Andrew's Take: I agree. The walls are littered with beer placards and other English paraphernalia. The "weird" stuff to which Themo is referring: Scotch Eggs (eggs covered in what can only be described as meatloaf), kidneys - as in Steak and Kidney pie (a standard) and braised lamb shank (tonnes of stewed lamb meat falling off a rather large bone). All very, very tasty. And, chips=fried potatowedges! The best part? My favourite beers: a pint of Boddy's, Murphy's Ale, and Newcastle Brown. Great restaurant - almost feels like home, my birth-home that is. Awesome neighbourhood to spend a night in. Thumbs up.

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