Monday, July 18, 2005

Border Grill * * * / +

Who? Andrew and Themo
Where? Santa Monica
How much? $32
Zagat: * * * *, $30

Themo's Take: This is a Mexican restaurant with meals around $20-$30. Go there for the enviroment and the people. The raw materials they use are fresh and good, altough the food quantity you get is does not agree with the price. If I even remotely liked Mexican food anyways I would give this guy 3 stars, but I'll stick to 2 for the time being.

Andrew's Take: Overpriced and not of good quality. I've had better Carne Asada at taco stands. And the Margharita was blah. Pretty decor though - looks like a kid painted it. Go to Olvera street in downtown for Mexican food - where the waiters will sing to you.

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