Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pampas Grill (Farmer's Market) * * * * / + + + + $$

Who? Themos, Stayros, CostasZ ; Howie, Andrew
Where? Farmer's Market @ The Grove
How much? $21

Andrew's take:Located in the Farmer's Market at the Grove, Pampas is an absolutely excellent Brazillian BBQ. Pick up a wide array of foods from tuna stew to plantains (oh so good) to fresh tomatoes and beets to yucca. The meats are definitely the highlight of this churrasco. I had the combination of sausage, spicy chicken and sirlion caps and was not disappointed. Cost is determined by the weight of the plate and a generous serving will run around $18. A great place to people watch and to hang out after dinner. But be warned, this place is so popular that the lines get unruly!

Themos' Take: Well, I am impressed. The lined are usually long and there is not format restaurant enviroment, but the meat quality in this Brazilian place just blew me away. Great stuff for a modest price, this place is a must if you want to try something at the Farmer's Market.

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