Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sam Woo BBQ * * * / + + + $

Themo's Take: Asian place in an asian neighborhood. You will pay no more than $10-$15 and get a lot of excellent meats (duck, pork, BBQ pork, chicken) which you first observe hanging in the displays, plus all the classic asian dishes. There is a similar place in Vegas too. The lines are long because they are good and they know it.

Andrew's Take: The "asian" place is San Gabriel Plaza and the cuisine is Canto BBQ. I didn't like the "mixer" plate of meat we ordered. Too much "ghap" i.e. livers, kidneys, feet etc. I prefer the half duck, or ginger-oil dip with white chicken, or roasted pork (not red BBQ kind). There aren't so many of these places around - as Howz remarked - not like Toronto Chinatown. The Tomato-Beef rice is quite good. Mountainous rice! I like to get the vegetables not on the English menu; just like my momma taught me. Peeps in the know get "duww miu" and have it "ching chow"'ed. Good food, memories of back in the day. Thumbs up.

Who? Joyce, Andrew, Themo


Christopher Trottier said...

Mmmmmh! Now I got to go order me some BBQ.

Danica said...

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