Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Buffet @ Paris Las Vegas * * * * * * $$

Following the suggestions of both friends and the Lonely Planet guide, I visited the buffet at Paris. Words are too little to describe the feeling: I felt like a kid in Disneyland (or myself in Magic Mountain for that matter). I now understand fully why Marios said that he wanted to throw up so that he could eat more food. I also now understand fully why Christiana was cursing Marios "It's noot fair us girls that you guys can eat so much food". I just sat there and kept eating for more that 2 hours until we were the last ones at the hall, around 11pm. And all that for just $25.

Buffet hint: the best ones have very few pasta in their menu.

AY: Dude... this is not in L.A.!
EK: It's just for setting a scale.

Who? Themos, Panos
Where? Las Vegas

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