Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mu Dang Sang + + + + + $ $

Who? Kingson, Steve, Themos, Andrew, and later Andrew+Satsuki with a Marco/Evan sighting
Where? Western and Conneticut (one block south of Wilshire)

Hallelujah! No more 1.5 hr waits in line at Manna! (see Manna post - although there is still a wait on weekend nights). This establishment (purported to be run by the same owners as Manna?) is a replica of that super busy restaurant. But the place is completely indoors, cleaner, with better facilities (newer non-stick cooking apparatus, better vent hoods) with all the same trimmings. A huge bowl of salad, kimchi, beansprouts, that wheat-gluten-thingy, potato salad... all come immediately as appetizing morsels before the gorging begins. The most important part? Those little white wrappers. I don't know why I like them, but I do. My favourite meat is still the short rib. Some advice for people that have been starving themselves all day for this: start by grilling the thin sliced beef (ready in minutes), then cook the heftier meats like the chicken. Valet is OK - I have no idea where they put the car. Else park on the nearby residentials. Thumbs up!

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