Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Manna * * * * * / + + + + + $$

Who? Tim, Evan, Marco, Andrew aka. the Manna Boys
Who? Themos, Stayros, CostasZ, Dimitri
Where? Arlington and Olympic
How much? $18
Zagat: 21, $22

Themos's take: This is a real deal. The lines are long (1h+ on weekends) but it is worth the wait. For $15 you can get as much meat as you wish, until the stoamach is full ot until they close. What these places are missing is the way to make meats tastier: dip in olive oil, oregano and salt before, lemon juice on top after. The meats are great quality, including pork, beef and chicken. I also don't see the point of the various sides they bring :-)

Andrew's take: This place is just awesome. Unlimited, good quality meats accompanied with a crazy salad bowl and 20 little plates of niblets.

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