Monday, August 20, 2007

M-Grill * * / + + + + $ $

Who? Michellios, Andrew, Jiesi
Where? Western and Wilshire

Andrew's Take: Delicious Brazilian BBQ meats keep coming to your table until you surrender and flip your table indicator. Juicy Sausages, Garlic Chicken, Tangy Lemony Rib goodness, Tri-Tip, Sirlion Caps, and much more, are carved and served off long metal skewers. The cheesy bread balls are delicious. Salad bar also contains wonderful creations such as Fried Yucca, Fried Banana, and my two favourite vegetables, Heart of Palm and and Asparagus. My only complaint is that some of meats were a bit dried out and too crispy on the outside. Lunch $17, park in the free lot.

Themo's Take: I think that if I haven't been to Fogo de Chao recently I would have liked this place much more. But for paying $45 for dinner, this place is too expensive for me to recommend it. The meats are above average but pretty small in quantity and not top notch. The service is average and the ambiance kind of too dark for my taste. The salad bar also looks dull (always compared to Fogo). I'd definitely recommend going to Fogo and then eat a meal at home, rather than visit this place twice.

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Howie said...

Go for dinner and you get the more tastier cuts of meat!!