Saturday, September 22, 2007

Father's Office * * / + + $

Who? mostly CASA people
Where? Montana and 11th, Santa Monica

Andrew's Take: Very cozy bar with a nice atmosphere. Sometimes difficult to get in due to now limited capacity. Many exotic beers on tap. Sweet potato fries and julienne fries are excellent and are served in a mini shopping cart. Thumbs up - I will return to try the rumoured tasty burgers.
edit: (Jan '08) Downgraded due to it's non-restaurantyness and lack of seating. Only recommended for drinking and snacking.

Themo's Take:
I don't think I recommend this place for a restaurant. Granted, the beers are plenty and the burger is delicious (definitely one of the main competitors in town) but it's more like a bar rather than a restaurant. Hence, the low restaurant rating. But it's a great place to hang out and have a loud conversation from a few friends that visit the town, despite the fact that it's not very centrally located.

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