Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shau May + + + $

Who? Krystal and Andrew
Where? Garfield just north of Garvey

Hands down the cheapeast boba place I've ever been to. For $10, you can get two gigantic boba milk teas, a hot tapioca milk pudding (needs 4 people to finish) and a gigantic shaved ice with condensed milk and four "items". The taro is excellent and just the right sweetness. The white looking stuff that looked like coconut was actually almond. Longan was OK. Place is pretty busy and filled with a non-homogenous crowd. Again, feels very traditional (Taiwanese). Watch out for crazy old men who don't get their order and then push you out of the way to start a big argument with the servers.

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krystallina said...

yay for yummy dinners and even more delicious desserts!! :) ps. you KNOW you could have taken that crazy pajama wearing man..