Sunday, July 09, 2006

Manas + + + + $

Who? Howie, Andrew
Where? Vermont and 29th

This is now my favourite place that's closeby USC for a cheap tasty meal. I had to admit to being a bit skeptical of an Indian restaurant serving only a vegetarian menu. But I was not disappointed. The side sauces are excellent - mint, pickled and sweet. The "fried spinach and onion" starter was decent but nothing special. The "paper thin potato" was the biggest thing I've ever seen served at a restuarant - it was seriously two feet long - but tasted very good. The "cottage cheese in cashew/tomato sauce" I had was very fragrant and wonderful on rice. Sweet lassi is thick and youghurty. If anyone knows the Indian words for these dishes, please offer them up. The dining environment is comfortable and simple. And the service is pleasant but sometimes confused.

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Howie said...

haha the "paper thin potato" was the paper masala dosa.. i forgot the name of your dish, though