Saturday, June 04, 2005

Versailles + + + + / **** $$

Who? Siao, Howie, Jarika, Shusan, KStaub, AWong, Andrew, Rajay
Who? Themos, Dora, Frankie, Melanie
Where? Culver City
How much? $25
Zagat: 22, $17

Andrew's Take: This wonderful Cuban restaurant located at La Cienega and Pico serves excellent comfort foods at very cheap prices. Although you might at first be deterred by the long lines and the lack of parking, don't be! The restuarant only seats 75 (or so I think that's what the sign said) in a room no bigger than a THH classroom. The atmosphere is busy and the food arrives quickly from a kitchen that is clearly visible from the dining area. The dishes are very comforting - oxtail, steaks, garlic chicken in lemon/lime sauce - served with plantains and rice with beans, or rice infused with beans (Moro). Everything is flavourful but not audacious. Once done, you sit back in your chair, very pleased. The food selection is quite large. Go early to before certain "popular" dishes e.g. oxtail, run out. Everything I've tasted here has been delicious - although I don't care too much for the Sangria (bit dry). Portions are large. Try to avoid going at super-peak times e.g. Friday/Saturday around 6-7pm.

Themos' Take: Very nice Cuban Place where you can have a lot of food (including meats!) without spending a fortune. The food is really for 3 out of 5 stars but since it is cheap it wins an extra star. Everything we got was good: lots of rice, and carefully cooked chicken and pork. You can get full with only a single portion, no desserts or anything. The sangria was very light but I tried a mango-pineapple smoothie instead which was a very pleasant surprise.

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