Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hamburger Hamlet * / + + +

Who? Themo, Andrew, AJ+Michelle, Rajay
Zagat: * *, $19

Themo's Take: This place is not really worth their money, especially when you compare it with Barney's. There are better burger places out there.

Andrew's Take: I think Themo's being a bit harsh here. The burgers are very good and the prices are decent. And the HH is more than just burgers. The dining room atmosphere is very comfortable and attenuates sound well. I think that means you get to concentrate on the conversations at your table. Great place for burger and beer.

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michelle brady said...

Hamlet does hamburgers best. It also makes a pretty decent spinach dip. I would not recommend their chicken pot pie. No fluffy, flaky crust. Just a piece of soggy bread floating on top of some dished out canned soup.