Monday, May 16, 2005

The nameless Korean BBQ * * * * / + + +

Themo's Take: This place has no english name nor a website. However it's classic Korean BBQ stuff (cook-it-yourself-play-with-the-fire-stuff) with really nice meats, although somewhat pricey. from the 10 freeway exit at Crenshaw North, right on Olympic, then the place is on the second block on the right side - the one with no english characters :-). It doesn't get 4 stars because of the relatively expensive meats - which are good, though.

Andrew's Take: It's a cute little place and it can get very cosy with 10 people! Good quality ingredients. I particularly liked the steamed egg and those white "dumpling" wrappers. But what they do need is some better ventilation! I was crying at night's end due to the smoke in my eyes :(. The funny quirky girl waitress was awesome. Maybe next time they won't spill hot oil all over my pants when they change the grill plate! Congrats on learning chopsticks Themo. Always fun to play with fire! Thumbs up.

Who? Andrew, Themo, Darren, Chris, Yao, 5 of Yao's friends + 1 quirky waitress

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