Sunday, May 29, 2005

East India Grill * * * / + + + + +

Who? Howie, Andrew, Ravi
Who? Themos, Dimitri
Where? (next to) The Grove
How much? $21
Zagat: 21, $19

Andrew's take: Located at La Brea and Beverly, this is an absolute hidden gem of a restaurant! The food is cheap and just plain excellent. I had the Sagwala Lamb Curry dinner and I was totally stuffed, my tastebuds in an oh-so-happy mood. I love spinach, and this curry did not disappoint with its thick, rich flavour. As an appetizer, the Seekh Kabab was very fragrant and tasty, and the Samosas were likewise wonderful with the table dipping sauces. I had never experienced Cheesy Nan before, but after trying it once, I'm a fan! (Although Ravi says it's not so traditional) Try a Mango Lassi, for they're perfect yoghurty, sweet concoctions. Parking on the streets is easy to find. My only complaint was the rather terse waiter. But thumbs way up and it even gets a coveted 5+ rating. Now if only they delivered to SC!

Themos's take: It sounds like a joke to combine Indian cuisine with Californian cuisine. However this little place brings the two worlds together very efficiently, although I am not a great fan of indian food (especially with all these things that Rajay makes!). The food is good and fresh, the service is just ok, so the people best advantaged from this place are the nearby take-outers. Thumbs up.

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