Saturday, February 02, 2008

Napa Valley Grill + + + + 1/2 $$$

Who? Michellios+Wendy, Andrew
Where? Westwood Village, Glendon and Kinross

A beautiful restaurant in the middle of Westwood Village - great ambiance and decor, modern and upscale. A fantastic place to try as part of DineLA restaurant week. Foccacia bread is served with eggplant - unique and quite delicious. Best versions of dishes I've ever tasted: Sea Scallops on Hummus and Orange Blood Pudding. How good was it? Michelle said she'd never liked scallops at all, but the appetizer made her change her mind. Excellent: Rack of Lamb (very tender and juicy) served with the freshest peas-in-pod I ever tasted. The swordfish is also very good, I particularly like the braised vegetables that came with it - light and refreshing. Wine flights look cool. Pinot Noir 2005 Jekel is decent - bouquet>flavour. Parking next door $7.00. Server Jason was very good - order came out wrong but he fixed it promptly and without incident. Kitchen was slow in preparing entrees (long wait). Overall thumbs high up.

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