Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pizzeria Mozza * * * $$$$

Who? Themos, Dora, Gina
Where? Hollywood
How much? $45
Zagat: 26, $37

Let me start with the best: the Butterscotch budino dessert is one of the top picks in town - truly something to die for. Also, the wine collection is extensive, ranging from bottles to glasses, without being too pricey. Other than that, the place has a great vibe with high ceilings, semi-loud music, and very loud chatter. Their pizzas are kind of original and simple, woodfire-baked and without much cheese - just throw a couple of ingredients on top and there you have it. However this is not my favorite style of pizza as I prefer the ones that all the ingredients is blended together under lots of cheese. Therefore, for that price range, I cannot recommend more than 3 stars. I think the 26 in zagat rating for food is overrated. Parking valet is $8.50 (ouch).

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