Saturday, December 02, 2006

BJ's Restaurant/Brewery * * / + + + + $$

Where? Westwood Village
How much? $22
Zagat: 17, $19

Andrew's take: Pizza, pizza, pizza! Thick succulent Chicago style deep-dish slices fill you up quickly. The "Great White" was fantastic. The "Buffalo Chicken" was likewise enjoyable, but somehow there was too much spicy meat adorning the pizza (this was the pizza I really wanted to try when I first walked in). Excellent homebrew beers really complement the pizza - the Pale Ale was refreshing and went down easily. Spinach and Artichoke dip was good. Of course, get the Pizookie. I know it's a crime to say this, but the best brownie-type dessert comes from Yard House, a la mode. Sorry! Parking sucks in Westwood but either you know the "secret location" or you park in the structure opposite the theater. Thumbs up.

Themos's take: They call it Deep dish pizza but it's really not. An original deep dish pizza (which can be seen here) would have more ingredients, not more bread in the third dimension! It was tasty and fresh but I would still rank Village Pizzeria as #1 in LA. The good thing is they are always crowded and they are open relatively late , offering a large selection of items for every stomach. I would definitely reccomended if you are around Westwood, but don't travel from the other side of the town just for the food!

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