Tuesday, April 04, 2006

La Paelia * * * * $$$$

Who? Themos, Dora, Frankie, Melanie, Dimitri
Where? West Hollywood
How much? $50
Zagat: 22, $36

This became instantly the 3rd most expensive restaurant I've been in my life, after the $85 steak at Ruth Chris steakhouse and the $60 7 course meal at the maroccian palace. The paelias are fulfiling and super-tasty, the sangria is perfect, and the tapas are to die for. You should try out the meats because they are great and unlike american style: it reminded me of the good old mediterrenean meats you can have in Europe. The environment is anti-LA since the rooms are small and the ceilings low - which is always a plus for me since it gives a more cozy feeling.

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