Saturday, October 29, 2005

Taix * * * , + + + + + $$

Who? Adam M and Andrew
Where? Alvarado and Sunset
How much? $25
Zagat: * * *, $27

Andrew's Take: This is one great date place... but even then, it's actually too intense for a first date. Not knowing what we were in for, Adam and I entered the dimly lit restaurant to words like: "Whoa... ", ... "Uh..." It was actually quite funny because there was a woman who heard us talking and chimed in with... "Yea... it's our first time here too."

But the food is excellent and is served either a la carte or with an ensemble meal. With the meal, for $20, you can get some very tasty clam chowder with a garden salad, your main entree and some sorbet. When they bring the soup to your table, they bring out the whole pot - and you wonder if you're supposed to eat it all because they just leave it there with a ladle. The paella I had was very flavourful and generous with little ocean goodies. If the meal is coupled with a bottle of wine, general good times can be had... It is because of all these reasons that this place gets the coveted 5+ rating. Service is very pleasant. Valet is $2.50 and necessary since there is no parking anywhere to be found around.

Themo's Take: This is a nice french restaurant (circa 1927). It serves good food, but there are some details that force a 3 star rating instead of a 4 star one: the lights are too dim; the mashed potato is not "real"; the portions are not great. The quality of teh meats is above average though, which makes it a restaurant worth trying.

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