Saturday, August 27, 2005

Buca di Beppo * * * * * / + + + + + $$

Who? Fabien, Siao, Andrew, A. Lok, MichelleP, Shusan, Howz, Erika, Michellios
Where? Citywalk
Who? Themos, Stayros, CostasZ
Where? Santa Monica
How much? $20
Zagat: 15, $22

This place is awesome. Everything we got was far beyond your average italian restaurant, the decorations are awesome, and also this place allows for a lot of people. I think it is better than C&O Trattoria, because it is not semi-authentic: they are a chain that kept their quality of recipes high and they admit it. The small portion of pasta challenged my capabilities, but at the end was happy:-)

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