Saturday, March 19, 2005

Village Pizzeria * * * * / + + + $

Who? Alex, Andrew, Steve
Where? Somewhere between Ghetto and Hollywood
How much? $13
Zagat: 24, $13

Andrew's Take: This is a cute, little pizza and pasta place on N. Larchmont. The pizza is fantastic and all the food comes with that "authentic" NYC flavour. The ravioli was quite awesome. The only downside is that the menu is a touch on the pricy side. Thumbs up.

Themo's Take: This is definately one of the top 2-3 pizza places in LA I've tried so far. With the exception of Cheebo which makes fully organic pizzas (but not NY style), this is one of a kind find. The ingredients are fresh and tasty, the bread is awesome, and the pizzas are huge hence even the small one can satisfy two people. This results in ultra-cheap bills and full stomaches!

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